Friday, July 20, 2012

So... what next?

In today's world with bombings, continued racism, inequality and even the inability to go to a movie with the family without having the thought of a masked gunman firing bullets at the ones you love, how do we cope? I stopped watching the news about 3 years ago. I get most of my information from internet sites or through my radio-listening husband. I don't enjoy filling my brain with so much negativity from the world. Pain and suffering all provided 24/7 through your local broadcasters. In my life I try to live in the light. Focusing on the positives, the theoretical "silver lining". But when there is so much evil going on in the world how can I? I have two beautiful girls. They smile, laugh, play, dance, completely unaware of what they may have to face one day. Naivety in its purest form. How can I protect them? What can I do if someone decides to hurt them? When I decided to become a parent I thought of potty training, schooling, boy troubles, teaching them to ride a bike. Not how will I explain death? Hate? Deception? Cruelty? Its a heavy load on any parents shoulders. So... what next? How do we prepare this next generation for the what this great big earth has become? My only weapon is love, passion for life and the capability of doing what I so desperately try to do every day. Walk in the light. Acknowledge the darkness creeping around the corner, slipping through cracks and even sometimes beating down my door but try my very hardest to teach my children that though the massive, deep, thick, cloud of all that is evil constantly lingers if we fall to our knees in surrender. They win. Stand tall and proud, chin high and hands clasped tightly to your loved ones. Its a hard walk... but its worth it.

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