Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Joys of Moving

"Where's Emma's other shoe Brenton?"
"What shoes?"
"Her navy ones, with the flowers"
"Aren't they in that box?"

This is my life right now. Everyday I feel as if I am playing Where's Waldo with everything I own. Emma and Mila have each been bought new pajamas, shorts, and shirts because of the hectic mess I have been surrounded by. Boxes. Loads and LOADS of boxes. None of them labeled in the efficient way I had seen on Pinterest. Each room having its own color and itemized lists of containments. Nope. They have my husbands less than legible handwriting scrawled it whatever space he felt was appropriate and contain random items from random rooms all over the house. Nothing is nice and organized like I planned. But lets be honest there is no planning for moving. You can buy all the supplies and have all good intentions but once moving day comes its a thick cloud of tape, lost sharpies and the keen realization that I should have dusted more often. Now we play this game. Searching for the beloved night light or the must have Cinderella DVD. But I have hope. I know that eventually everything will have its spot. Everything will be nice and organized with labels and charts and the faint smell of lavender and vinegar cleaner will waft through my beautiful home. Until then however I continue my search hunting through mounds and mounds of boxes and carelessly filled brown Whole Foods bags until I find that lost treasure. 

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