Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 2012 Conscious Box

I have seen loads and loads of subscription box reviews.  From Birchbox to Glossy Box, VoxBoxes to Jewelmint but I've never been more intrigued that when I found out about Conscious Box. This subscription service provides a box chock-full of all things natural. Cleaners, make-up, snacks, sweeteners they have all you need to expand your eco-friendly company list. I was so stoked to try it out and to be honest... I'm pretty impressed! The box was filled to the gills with samples and some full sized products!

Here's the low down on the products included and my honest opinions.
If you'd like to see my unboxing video you can just roll that mouse over and click here

The first product on the list was an eyeshadow by All Natural Face. The color was Peach Ice and after looking on I realized it was a full sized product! I have to say guys I am in love with this company! Their prices are phenomenal and their products are eco-fantastic! I applied the shadow with a simple shadow brush and the shimmer blew my mind away. It was subtle but beautiful! It's also very long lasting! I applied it at 9 am before going to the store and later lunch with a friend and I sit here at 6 pm with perfectly shadowed lids.

Next is Aura Cacia Sweet Orange essential oil. What can I say about Aura Cacia they are great at what they do. Although I am not a huge citrus fan this EO is light and refreshing! Great for a morning shower or to add to a simple sugar scrub.

I have tried a lot of Fruit/Granola/Whatever bars. I have found a choice few that I love but most of them just taste plain weird. Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff Super Berry Acai Bar blows most of those bars out of the water. It has a soft slightly chewy texture but it is so sweet you think you're eating candy! Emma ate half of it and about tackled me for every bite! This was a nice change from our oat filled date based bars. Delish!

Naturally Its Clean is a company that creates eco-friendly and environmentally conscious cleaning products for every place in your home. I was excited to try this sample out on my newly acquired tile floors and though I really liked the scent I don't know if it cleaned the floors better than my usual vinegar concoction. I did however in a pinch use it on our wooden countertops and really liked it! It was streak free and didn't seem to leave any residue. Thumbs up!

Next we have Jadience Herbal Formulas Muscle and Joint cream. I have always used Arnica gel for strains and sprains in my house, seems to do the trick. However this herbal formula smells very very nice I don't know exactly how much it helped. As I mentioned in my video Brenton recently hurt his back during the move and I just knew this cream would help. It worked well as a massage cream but as for its healing properties I can't say much. Great smell though!

Madhava included two samples in this months box. Coconut Sugar and Agave Nectar. Both samples gave me a satisfyingly sweet addition to my morning cup of tea. Very happy with these products! Gotta love my agave nectar yum!

Mighty Leaf is all over sustainability! From biodegradable tea pouches to their initiatives in places like Sri Lanka and Morocco they are clearly an awesome company! Since we live in the south I was STOKED to find their pretty little whole leaf iced tea packet. I literally brewed this the day I got my box and it was a hit with everyone! The flavor was Calypso Mango and it was naturally sweet and refreshing. Perfect for a hot Texas day. You just can't go wrong with iced tea!

Ever since Emma was about 6 months old she has been devouring the pouches of assorted fruit that you can slurp right out of the packet. GoGo squeeZ provides an easy to eat applesauce on the go. Emma loved it and Mila even tried some too! Definitely a staple in our home.

The next company was Tea Forte. They create delicious herbal blends of teas to suit your every need. The samples included Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint and Honey Yuzu. Since I'm vegan I stood clear of the honey tea but Brenton seemed to really like it! The Cherry Marzipan was a little sweeter than my usual morning tea but it was calming and had a slight nutty flavor to it and the smell reminded me of a sweet cherry tart right from the oven. The Cucumber Mint however had to be my favorite.  The mint clung to my tongue refreshing my mouth and preparing me for the day. A win in my book!

It's always nice to have a tin of mints in your purse to cast away coffee breath. I really like St. Claire's Organics mints. They are refreshing and strong but lack that weird artificial flavor that you get from similar mints like Altoids.

I have been using Vega Protein Powder every morning for the past 2 years. But Sun Warrior Protein Powder just might win me over. This yummy creamy vegan shake is sweet and pairs great with berries. One sip and I thought I was treating myself with a milkshake! No weird flavors commonly associated with protein powders and the most delightful texture! I've already placed an order for more!

And finally we have my bonus product for this box Powbab's antioxidant vitamins! This little bitty chew had a soft slightly pillowy texture and flavor that was sweet and satisfying! I mentioned in my video that most people forget about their antioxidants, but they are SO important! Powbab's tiny little chew has all the antioxidants you need in a single great tasting chew. Perfect for moms on the go!

That about raps it up guys! I loved this box and I cant wait to share all my goodies in next months box with you!

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