Sunday, July 24, 2011

In the "fluff" of it all.

Some poeple's fix is drugs, shoes, hair products, alcohol mine is "fluff".

Hello, my name is Mandi and I am a cloth diapering addict.

Hi Mandi....

Recently I made the very dangerous choice of getting an ebay account. Reason being is that I saw the most amazing deal of cloth diapers 13 in all at a starting bid of $33. Worst case scenario is that I wouldn't win and the last minute ebay "snatchers" would grab them with only 2 seconds to spare.
4 hours and 36 minutes later I claimed my prize! $66 for what should be over $175 worth of amazing diapers. It was at that moment that I became a new woman. A predator, stalking the ebay network for the best deal possible. Popping my knuckles repeatedly as the refresh button became exhausted as I updated my browser watching those last seconds slip by. Since my initial account confirmation I have claimed over 25 diapers, 12 prefolds, 6 inserts and 2 diaper covers. But today I am putting down the hypothetical sword and giving my predator instincts a little rest. I guess this is an attempt of nesting already? A little early I agree... or it could just be an addiction, the little monster in my closet. Waiting, watching, for another awesome deal to slip out of the cracks...

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