Thursday, August 4, 2011

moments of silence.

The house it still. Completely. The soft "tap tap" of my keyboard and the quiet buzzing of the ceiling fan are the only sounds heard in my otherwise silent apartment. Its nice. Before I had Emma I never appreciated silence. I hated it in fact. I always listened to music and had the TV on a random station that I wasn't even interested in just for the noise. It's funny how things change. As I sit here cozied up on my soft couch, a cup of my grandmother's famous orange spiced tea in my hands and my skin still warm from a long hot shower I realize that appreciating the little things is so important. The fresh smell of just washed laundry, the sound of Emma's slight snoring on the baby monitor, the faint smell of salmon and tuna on my adoring husband after coming home from work... these things are what make life move, dance, feel. These are the things one should cherish... this is the life.

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